What do these letters and numbers all mean?

123 ABC km/hr lb 5'10" 21C

Kids hear about metres and pounds and fahrenheits and grams, etc. but don't know the realationship or true meaning of these units. It we teach them in an engaging and fun matter with illustrations and via real-life, practical examples they will learn very quickly at a young age because they want to know. But they won't learn from a boring chart. We can make interesting charts and illustrations and include stories and fun facts.

For example the measurement of time is a very odd concept with units tied to the moon and the sun and the half life of the ceasium atom. Then there are hours that are made up 60 minutes and days made of 24 hours and seconds that contain 1,000 milliseconds. The conversion between these units is bizarrely nonstandard as it evolved over time. A very fun topic to learn about if we use a map, a globe, a clock (be sure to mark minutes on it), a calendar, birthday party pictures, a compass, markers, crayons, an hourglass, etc. Using only a pen and paper will result in disaster.



What can we measure: speed, weight, height, age, temperature, volume, area, surface, density, distance, heart rate, count money, brightness and so on





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