Even if I come to the conclusion that whatever everybody else is doing is the right thing to do, I want to know why. But chances are I won't come to the same conclusion if I spend even a short time asking 'why?'.

We've always done it like this

Taking anything for granted is an invisible enemy that is hard to detect. Why? Because we take things for granted

Taking something for granted means relying on common sense. Common sense is how the vast majority of people percieve and approach a given situation. While common sense is often based on facts and evidence - often it isn't. We accept so many things as "obvious" but don't actually know why.

  • Why are tables in classrooms arranged in rows and why is the teacher at one end of the classroom?
  • Why are all girls' clothing pink at the mall when we try so hard to teach kids about variety?
  • Why are rear-mounted child seats for bicycles more popular than front-mounted ones despite safety dictates otherwise?
  • Why are children told to share no matter what while we teach them to be individuals and make their own decisions?
  • Why are young children given a bath every single day? Even when they are not dirty and frequent bath dries their skin?
  • Why is the "cry it out" method so widespread? There is clearly no substitute for holding kids in our arms and humming quietly.
  • Why is there a law in certain countries to permit breastfeeding in public when breastfeeding is the way nature works?
  • Why is watching so much TV the norm? When doing just about anything else promotes a healthier mind and body?
  • Why do we accept everything "as is" when it's apparent that so many things are so messed up?

I'm sure you can think of many more why-s...or can you? You see, whatever's taken for granted is seldom questioned. I say we do need to ask why and we shouldn't take anything for granted until we have a good reason to do so. Have a reason why we raise our children a certain way - other than "because that's what everyone else does".

Most importantly, don't take parenting for granted. It is not trivial. Parents need to spend a great deal of time and effort to learn about parenting, to research, evolve, adjust, plan and execute plans then find flaws and correct them.