Schools should teach about...

The term "gap school" is the brainchild of Martin Millican, my boss, with whom I have good chats about kids, education and other non-work stuff. The gap school is the missing knowledge between the official school curriculum and what it takes to live successfully in the "real world". It is a set of skills that schools don't teach - but should. Gap school curriculum includes, in no particular order:

  • resume and job interviews
  • looking for a place to live
  • financial management: utility bills, mortgage, investements
  • politics
  • cooking
  • first aid
  • "big history"
  • map reading
  • statistics
  • research
  • charity
  • emotional well being
  • scepticism
  • learning from failure
  • prioritization
  • anger and stress management
  • taking care of children
  • dealing with emergencies
  • communication skills
  • taking things apart
  • DIY

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